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Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd

Lauren was invited to chat with Cariad on the multi-award winning podcast.

Episode 36:

‘Cariad talks to clown, actor + improviser Lauren Silver (Tall Stories, Ecole Phillipe Gaulier) about the death of her Dad when she was seventeen. As ever they discuss grief, death anxiety + panicking when people take too long on the toilet.’



Exeunt Magazine

Lauren spoke to Francesca Peschier about SURPRISE! and making work using comedy around Mental Ill Health and Wellbeing.

“The show takes the form of exposure therapy. I’m introducing moments of the unknown, points which might make me feel really sick or afraid that I’m going to shit myself. You know how you hate bananas? It’s like if I slowly started introducing bananas around the flat until finally I got to the point where you were happy to eat one. That’s SURPRISE!, it’s learning to live with my banana”

Interview with Sabrina Grant

Lauren chatted to presenter Sabrina Grant about the techniques she uses to benefit her Mental Health and Wellbeing