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A fun and charming slapstick spectacular, (Silly) Little Women is a joyfully daft female-led clown show. Inspired by classic stories of the unbreakable bond between sisters, this fun and charming Period-Clown show aims to break all the rules, some hearts – and hopefully no bones.

Performance photos taken by Thomas Hensher

Click the link below to read a wonderful 4* review from North West End from our work in progress at Camden People’s Theatre:


Work in Progress Performance Footage:

(Silly) Little Women are Helen Foster and Lauren Silver


Photo by James Byrne

We have been playing and creating together since 2009. Both actors, improvisers and clowns; our work also explores elements of physical theatre, bouffon and music. 

We developed the UK's first live, infotainment chat show ‘Come on, Girls!’ which premiered in Liverpool; this profiled local businesses who'd showcase their work, local bands across the North West and comedy acts. Read a lovely review here: Made Up In Liverpool

We have directed eachother in our solo shows; SURPRISE! and The Diver which received a number of 4 and 5 star reviews. Our work has also been performed throughout UK, including London’s Vaudeville Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe and to sold-out audiences at the Sydney Opera House.

Together we make work that is charming, joyful and that gets to the heart of who we are as people.

Past Work: